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Bahrain Pavioilon​

The Bahrain Pavilion at Expo Milan 2015 is designed to evoke the experience of walking through the breathtaking biodiversity of Bahrain; the project unveils a wide spectrum of natural resources which are all related to the Expo's theme: "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life". The elongated site is converted into a contemporary reinterpretation of the Bahraini desert whereas the pavilion represents a transformation from locality to modernity both through its unique experience and local building materials. The pavilion walls form a modern translation of the Bahraini traditional walls. They are made of glass to host a huge geological section cut from Bahrain, creating an exhibiting material. By doing so, a harmonic integration between architecture and curationis introduced; the building and exhibited material are not isolated, because the walls themselves are a material to investigate and precisely explore; they scientifically illustrate the traditional local system of water transport from wells "Al-aflaj", and land irrigation.

The pavilion is a spectacular ecological space combining agricultural sciences, nutrition and an unforgettable cooking experience. The culinary experience is that of a local modern ambience; the cooking stations and the dining area are placed indoors and outdoors, depending on the kind of food, evoking the Bahraini hosting. It is a journey into the underground and undersea worlds, it gives the visitors an opportunity to explore the theme of feeding way beyond its traditional understanding, it shows that plants, animals, fish and humans should receive equal consideration because they are all vital to the sustainability of a healthy food cycle.

Walking through the garden, visitors experience an emotionally provoking atmosphere where all senses -sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell -are activated as means to interact with the trees, plants, water, market and exhibited material. The garden itself provides tranquility and a relaxing environment introducing an enjoyable interactive experience of shopping, food tasting and eating.

The Bahrain exhibition will rise to the standards of the LEED and sustainable building, and will combine recycling and preservation of resources. The subject of sustainability will be expressed not only in the planning and managing of the building, but will be experienced by the visitors in the spatial exponent.

Given that the whole building is made of organic material, it change and will tear and wear with time. By the end of the exhibition, the constructive modular system of the building will easily be taken apart without leaving footprints on the land of Italy, and can be reconstructed in Bahrain.

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